Version 3.0 due soon

It’s been a long wait, but version 3.0 has finally gone out to beta testers. Features currently working in this version are:

  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Multiple resolution support
  • Custom backgrounds and labels (“skins”)
  • Single, double, or CD-style song labels
  • TrueType font support for song labels
  • Now supports both OGG Vorbis and MP3 files
  • Automatic indexing and index updates with ID3 and OGG tag support
  • Mouse support (including an “invisible” mouse mode for Windows cabinets and touchscreen monitors)
  • Support for buttons and main directions on analog joysticks/game pads

The indexer now works the same in both DOS and Windows, and is built in to the jukebox so JUKELIST is no longer necessary. (Huzzah!).

Multiple directory trees of files can now be specified, and the directory scan is now recursive so subdirectories will be searched up to a depth specified in jukebox.ini. If you have ID3 support enabled in jukebox.ini, ID3 information will be used when available; if individual fields or the entire tag is missing, it will use the filename for the subject and either the current folder name (if it’s one level off the top of the tree) or the parent folder name (if the current folder is deeper than one level off the top of the tree) is used for the artist, or Various if the file is in the root of the tree. Titles will have excess information cropped from the beginning of the title, so a file called “02 – Avril Lavigne – Complicated.mp3” will come out as “Complicated”. This auto-crop looks for the last “- ” (a dash followed by a space) in the filename and crops anything before it. You can disable this behavior by setting SmartCrop to False in jukebox.ini.

Here’s the current change log for version 3.0:

  • Added multiple resolution support.
  • Added rotation support.
  • Added skin support.
  • Added TrueType font support.
  • Added multiple dot-matrix font sizes to support multiple resolutions.
  • Added support for multiple song paths.
  • Added ID3 support.
  • Added OGG Vorbis support.
  • Added function to release unused time slices so jukebox no longer uses 100% CPU in Windows.
  • Added mouse support.
  • Added mouse cursors to jukebox.dat.
  • Added support for single (Arcade Jukebox-style) title strips in addition to the standard double (45-style) title strips.
  • Added support for CD-style title cards; in this mode, songs are sorted by album, not artist.
  • Added splash screen/indexer status display.
  • Added file version block.
  • Added BTN_EXIT; the ESC key is no longer hardcoded to exit.
  • Added BTN_PAUSE.
  • Added ability to disable unused displays.
  • Added ability to adjust the number of lines in Now Playing and Coming Up displays.
  • Added album name to Now Playing display when at least 5 lines are displayed.
  • Added ability to specify number of titlestrips per page; removed hardcoded setting of 8 titlestrips per page.
  • Added JPG support.
  • Added Unicode support.
  • Added key repeat.
  • Added joystick/gamepad support.
  • Added a configurable brief delay between songs.
  • Rebuilt indexer; eliminated need for jukelist.
  • Rebuilt music API.
  • Jukebox will now play in the background while MAME plays in the foreground (in Windows) if the hardware mixer supports it.
  • Changed screenshot function to output BMP files instead of PCX.
  • Moved play counts to song database.
  • Moved graphics from datafile to individual files to support skins.
  • Moved symbol definitions to jukebox.dat.
  • Moved control definitions to separate ini file; default file is controls.ini.
  • When using Artist Sort, the word “The” at the beginning of an artist name is now ignored for sorting purposes, so “The Beatles” now sorts under B rather than T.
  • Songs are grouped on labels by album and in track order (when known) within an artist.
  • Fixed major bug that was causing excessive CPU usage (labels continually redrawn).
  • Fixed bug where songs wouldn’t start in the background in Windows.
  • Fixed bug where SongPath wasn’t actually working in Windows.
  • Fixed bug where files with a # in them could not be played.
  • Fixed bug where read-only files could not be played.
  • Fixed bug where last titlestrip wasn’t being displayed.

Other features I’m working on for 3.0 are:

  • Cover art support for CD mode
  • An “orientation swap” button for either cocktail cabinets or cabinets with rotatable monitors
  • Better documentation