Version 3.0 Beta 5 has been released!

The purpose of this release is to test a major bug fix. Many of you have been experiencing random crashes over a period of time, or perhaps crashes after playing specific MP3 files. I’ve suspected that these are “bad” MP3 files where the last frame has an incorrect size, causing the decoder to read past the end of a buffer. I’ve rewritten the memory allocation, but I can’t prove that I’ve fixed a random crash pretty much by definition. However, MP3’s that were known to crash the jukebox no longer crash it.

(NOTE: I do not have my DOS test machine available so I have not been able to test the DOSCAB.EXE executable in this version, although it should still work. You should back up your old DOSCAB.EXE and JUKEBOX.DAT before trying this version.)

There are a couple of other minor new features in this version:

  • A change to the mouse handling code has been made that should help solve some of the problems with touchscreens. If you have a touchscreen, please try this one out and let me know what touchscreen you have and whether or not it works. (For DOS users, you’ll have to add a [Mouse] section to your JUKEBOX.INI file containing the line mouse=I33 and have your touchscreen mouse drivers loaded before launching the jukebox.)
  • More, larger font sizes have been added for the dot-matrix displays, so higher resolution displays should look better now.
  • Software volume control has been added. See the [VolumeControl] section of jukebox.ini for details, and look in controls.ini for how to map the new features. By default, Volume Up and Volume Down are mapped to the – (minus) and = (equals) keys, Volume Minimum and Volume Maximum are mapped to the square brackets below them, and Volume Mute is mapped to the ~ (tilde) key.

At this point, 3.0 Beta 5, although still in progress, is more stable than the released version 2.41. The biggest problem in version 3.0 is still the lack of documentation; most of the documentation you need for the beta can be found as comments in JUKEBOX.INI and the skin files.