Version 3.0 Beta 8 has been released!

Beta 8 has now been released. Lots of little fixes and tweaks in this one. The main new features in this release are:

  • More CD-style skins included. Try CD2-1 or CD4-3 on lower resolution displays.
  • Sound events are now supported in skins. Simply add a [Sounds] section to your favorite skin and point an event to a WAV file. See the bottom of the default skin for an example.
  • Added animation to page changes. The only current supported animation is Animation=SlideHorizontal; add this line to the [Titlestrips] section of your favorite skin to enable animations.
  • Added ability to shut down Windows from the jukebox. If SystemShutdownEnabled=True in the [Settings] section of jukebox.ini, Windows will shut down if BTN_SHUTDOWN was pressed or if the jukebox is requested to close by Windows.