DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1.4 Released

 Changes for this version are:

  • Added BTN_TOPTUNE.
  • Added automatic timed page flips.
  • Added settings FirstAutoFlipTimer and AutoFlipTimer to support timed page flips.
  • Added CMD_NEXTPG and CMD_PREVPG to support timed page flips.
  • Added SkipLetterA, SkipLetterB, SkipNumber1, SkipNumber2, etc. to [Selection] section in skins.
  • Added LetterASymbol, LetterBSymbol, Number1Symbol, Number2Symbol, etc. to [Selection] section in skins.
  • Added KEY_10 through KEY_25.
  • Added Steelfish and Steelfish Bold fonts.
  • Added larger, more detailed icons for Windows Vista.
  • Increased maximum titlestrip width and height by 1000 in each direction.
  • Increased maximum number of songs per titlestrip to 120.
  • Fixed OGG files, which were locking up when played.
  • Fixed bug where rotated icons were being smeared if there was an On image with no Off image.
  • Converted documentation to HTML and Windows Help formats in addition to plain text.

DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox 3.1.4 Coming Soon

Yes, DOSCab/WinCab Jukebox is still alive!

I’m nearing a release point for 3.1.4 but I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to test it yet; also I need to do a lot of work on the docs and clean up the skin files and such. But for the adventurous, I have a beta release available that just contains the WinCab executable and new docs, including a Windows help file (jukedocs.chm).

Changes so far for this version are listed in the revision history.

If you have needed any of these changes, please give it a shot and let me know if there are any big issues.   The whole selector system had to be rewritten to accomodate the ability to skip letters/numbers, so it will benefit from anyone who has a chance to look at it.  I’m also interersted in feedback on the CHM docs, although they’re still two-thirds empty.

For those who don’t want to download but do want to browse the new docs, you can take a look at them online. Again, there are big gaping holes in them, mostly long lists of settings with no actual explanation, but hey, it’s a start. (Yes, plain text docs are still available for DOSCab users.)

Again, this beta release only includes a new executable and docs, so you’ll need to unZip it over the top of a 3.1.3 installation.

Thank you for any feedback, bug reports, comments, or suggestions you may have on this beta release!